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Big Momma RHYMES

I am an experienced poet. I know all formats but love writing Rhyme Poetry

Lester's RHYMES


Malcolm works for the FBI.

He finds out that a really bad guy.

That's supposedly in jail for life.

Has escaped and books a flight.

To the home of Hattie Pierce.

She doesn’t know he’s coming there.

She is heading out. Malcolm figures it out.

Her granddaughter may watch it.

Malcolm becomes interested.

In saving them plus more.

He becomes who she adores.

He dresses as Hattie Pierce.

As Lester is inching near.

He’s landed & on his way.

To find treasure that's away.

Malcolm arrives and stakes out.

He sneaks in Big Momma's house.

The granddaughter calls Hatti.

Malcolm answers, and begins disguising.

Disguising his voice as Hattie Mae.

To lure Sherry there to say.

That Lester robbed the bank.

Malcolm puts on the fake.

The granddaughter recognizes.

The change in hattie’s appearance.

In the cooking, there is inexperience.

She tries not to believe it.

Malcolm damages the suit while sleeping.

He sneaks out, with hopes of repairing.

But as he was trying to leave.

He uses skills to deceive.

Deceive the grand daughter.

Who sees more suspicious behavior.

She thinks he's her handyman.

Malcolm looks to fulfill his plan.

He repairs the suit as Big Momma.

Meanwhile, his partner.

Searches for clues but he gets nothing.

Malcolm's is slowly bonding.

With her son Trent.

As he and the granddaughter get.

The two get closer.

But he can't blow his cover.

As Big Momma, they go to church.

Once home, they find that the worse.

Malcolm finds the stolen.

Lester took it and hid it.

Near the home of Hattie Pierce.

Now his reasoning is clear.

The cash in Trents Locker.

Malcolm hears the story while Lester.

Is waiting at Big Momma's house.

For her & Malcolm comes out.

Malcolm subdues Lester.

But there is a disappointment after.

They find Malcolms intentions.

All along, he wanted a confession.

He wanted her to say that she was involved.

Instead, he finds it was Lester's call.



They’re all by Malcolm’s side.

He’s been reassigned.

Now he works in Public relation.

But he's still, one of the best agents.

Meanwhile, there is an incident.

That kills a friend Doug Hudson.

Malcolm wants revenge.

So he asks the Chief if he can get in.

But the Chief declines his request.

He declines and says it is best.

Malcolm disobeys his orders.

He joins the case while undercover.

They find that tom fuller.

Just maybe the killer.

They know where he lives.

They make a plan to move in.

They send undercover agents.

To infiltrate his residence.

Malcolm decides to join in.

& be big momma once again.

He puts on his big momma suit.

Before he goes to the interview.

To be a nanny at Fuller's place.

He was chosen to be a candidate.

He eliminates other candidates.

To become the Nanny of the place.

He meets the Fuller Children.

While failing the tasks presented.

As a result, he was fired.

But he convinced them to rehire.

He made them change their minds.

He’s fully accepted inside.

While in, he gains access.

To Fuller's Intelligence.

He sees that he’s progressed.

Turns out, Tom has access.

To classified evidence.

Soon after, he notices.

Him giving it to a man.

He realized the true plan.

He helps Tom Escape.

He almost made a mistake.

Anthony Bishop was the culprit.

In the End, he was apprehended

Bonding RHYMES


Trent is now a young man.

He’s in college but has plans.

Plans to become an artist.

He asks Malcolm to sign it.

Malcolm is reluctant.

He tried hard to remain focused.

To try and capture.

A dangerous gang member.

He makes plans to give.

A drive, to help know where he is.

So an informant delivers.

The drive that’ll help him capture.

To drive’s given to his gang.

Malcolm’s on to Trent's game.

The Gang member is named Chirkoff.

They get the drive and wipes it off

Wipes off the informant that delivered it.

Trent sees all of it.

Until he and Malcolm escape.

But Trent's car still at the place.

Because of that, he knows they'd trace.

So they both agree to put on the fake.

Trent becomes Charmaine.

Malcolm has a familiar change.

Big Momma returns.

Local residents get word.

That she needs to be hired.

Because no one does a better.

A better job as a nanny.

Trent finds out that plenty.

Plenty girls on his campus.

But one captures his attention.

He befriends her as Charmaine.

Thieves strategize to change.

Change the school’s history.

Big Momma’s on to the strategy.

School security offers her.

A tour but he knows it’s danger.

Danger in the facility.

He sees an image of Canetti.

That gang is looking for Trent.

They don't know that Charmaine exists.

They find that Trent’s on a date.

They stop looking and start to chase.

Trent’s at a showcase.

He had a very nice date.

He’s advised pursue college.

But gang members present changes.

He changes and throws them off.

As Malcolm takes off.

He shows his true ID.

Malcolm discovers the key.

To make sure nothing ends tragic.

He gets the drive and erases it.

The gang members are shocked.

They both come to stop.

They both are almost killed.

Until a guard seals the deal.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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