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Big Buck Deer


Old big buck, you always were such a winner way back when,

I have dedicated so many an hour in my just searching for you.

Your fine antlered head was quite a prize in hunting days then,

To have you on my wall, once and for all, was all I meant to do.


Every hunter knows that you are the greatest treasure to display,

Over all the hunting seasons spent, I searched for you each day.

When I did shoot at so many deer, only to harvest but just a few,

My vision of your massive horns was in my dreams, all I could do.


Growing older in the tooth, I began to think in shooting you, uncouth,

Why waste such a fine specimen of a deer, just for any recognition.

When I could find your shed antlers, following prints from your hoof,

Never would I have to fire a shot, or wasting any of my ammunition.


In recent times, now I've seen the light, in my giving you all respect,

For all the critters in the woods, deserve the good life, they'd expect.

Now when I witness the big bucks in the wilds I've seen once again,

No more hunting with gun or bow, but a camera, for you are a friend.


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