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Lucky Break

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Just a regular guy (frustrated writer, artist and musician) currently bored at his day job and life in general

Last night, i've had a dream
Where my hopes and dreams gleam
Opened my eyes, felt something grim
That beautiful dream, vanished like steam

Woke up this morning, feeling empty
Hopeless, once again back to reality
Staring out of nowhere, feeling a bit hefty
Back to this monotonous life, what a pity

Been living in this mundane life for so long
No thrill, no excitement, like that same old song
Everybody's moving up, going strong
While wondering what I've been doing wrong

Missed chances and wasted opportunities come and go,
As i woefully stare outside my window,
Living in this tedious world, where everything's stern and rough,
While waiting for my "rocket ship" to finally take off

When can i finally have my lucky break?
A sign from above, that right path i should take
An answer to end this life's never ending heartache
For me to fulfill this lifelong dream, not asleep but awake.

© 2018 REB

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