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Bidding Adieu to the Lovely Winters - a Short Poem

Prashasti is a working IT professional, who in her free leisure time can be found writing or reading poems, stories, articles.


After the winter, God sends the spring,

Telling us not to lose hope, as better days are coming,

For once again the dormant leaves will bud on the trees,

Also, the timid and vivid flowers will bloom, to please the bees,

Fighting the wintry darkness and its chills,

As warm breeze melts the white sheets of ice, marking its spills,

How on one hand, I feel bad, bidding farewell to this gloomy winter,

While on the other, I am delighted to be spellbound by sitting beside the flowing river,

I tell the winter that each time you leave, parts of me, you take with you,

Making me live a better life with faith, joy, cheer, and courage to start anew,

Goodbye winters, until we meet again, as I am ready to welcome the other seasons,

Because life is lovely all year, and to enjoy it there are many more reasons,

Change is inevitable, thus you make us learn,

Hey Winter! Wish to see you again with your new twists and turns!

© 2021 Prashasti B

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