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Bibliophile girl Lakshana says,"A girl who have books by her side,is never alone.."How?Let's see...


She loves reading books...
She loves talking about books..
She loves thinking about books... Sometimes,While listening to you,
she might look very attentive and involved but In her mind she roams in world of books.... thinking about fictional characters she have met.. Many a times when problem occurs she thinks from the point of her favourite literary heroine and somehow comes to the's kinda weird..but its kinda her...

Books put a small crack in dark shadows and allow some light to
come and wipe all the despair...
Books are like that Sun shine which warms you in chilly mornings...
Books are like an invisible umbrella that protects
you from all kind of negative bizarres...
Books are only productive escape
at the time of any kind of isolation...
Books are talisman that can kick away
thick skulled depressions from your life..
Books are most faithful friends one can have..
Books are cure for every pain,
all you need to do is feel that bond.
Once they enter into your life,
there won't be any exit;
because you won't let them go...
-Girl who reads.