Beyond the Darkened Veil (Hope)

Updated on November 10, 2017

Here in the darkness you sit
Shattered dreams lie at your feet
Abuse is the only thing you know
Coming from everyone you meet

Love is something as foreign
As the vain thought of liberty
The chains binding your soul
Seem to move no one to pity

Yet there is hope
Beyond the darkened veil

The world may think of you
As little more than refuse
The very dregs of the earth to be
Tossed aside after so much use

But your body, your heart
Were never meant to be
Treated in this shameful way
You, dear soul, were made to see

That there is hope
Beyond the darkened veil

A light dawns for you
A Love that can awaken
Life in your heart again
And restore what's been taken

Hear a Voice gently calling
From the One Who can set you free
The One Who sees your need
Who hears your every plea

He is the hope
Beyond the darkened veil

You are precious to Him
In His eyes you have worth
He desires to deliver you
As much as anyone else on earth

Come, weary one, come rest
Find wholeness in the arms of
Jesus, the glorious One
Who gave His all for you in love

Live in His hope
Beyond the darkened veil


About the Poem

Hundreds of thousands of women and children around the world suffer under sexual slavery at this very moment. Many more are added to their ranks every day. The victims of sexual slavery can be found in nearly every nation on earth, including the United States. The sex trade, along with other forms of modern-day slavery, robs those under its power of all dignity and worth. Most people think of prostitutes as acting of their own free will in their choice of "profession". This may be true in some cases, but a large number of those caught in prostitution are forced into it against their will. They are sold by parents or guardians, kidnapped, deceived by false promises of regular work, or are coerced by those who claim to care for them. Once captive, they are abused and degraded until they have no will to resist. The captivity becomes as much in the mind as it is in the body. Those who hold them captive are the ones who profit from their "work", not the prostitutes. Often those who are trapped in the sex trade have been transported from another locale, or even another country, in order to deter escape.

There is hope for these captives, however, as well as those oppress and use them. There are ministries working in many nations to end this travesty via praying for those caught in the sex trade, building safe houses for rescued women and children, and working with the local law enforcement to close down brothels. Some have even been able to help influence government leaders to enact laws that hamper the traffickers' ability to move and sell people. These ministries have enabled hundreds of women and children to find healing and restoration in Jesus. They have also helped the men and women who are perpetrating these crimes against their fellowman find freedom and salvation. Two of these ministries are Exodus Cry, out of Kansas City, Missouri, and Project Rescue, begun in Mumbai, India. They, along with others like them, work to raise awareness of the problems of human trafficking and sexual slavery in addition to their ministry efforts.



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