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Beyond His Patience


Our God is a patient God and His restraint has been well noted,

Over eons of this universe, no creator has been more devoted.

There comes a time in the lives of Man, there has to be an end,

No more deserved and long past due, as a penalty to transcend.

The wanton waste of the goodness of life, thrown as to the wind,

Laws of nature warped and wrenched, each one much to offend.

The air to be breathed, seas full of life, all so scourged with waste,

No measures drawn, as time moved on, no remedy found in haste.


The Lord God has shown great love, enduring care displayed,

Destruction of our world prevented, by all prayers to be prayed.

As each new day approaches, more clear is the decision made,

A time for repentance, making amends, all to worry, to be afraid.

The land is weary, having done its best, in a supporting of all life,

While over the oceans and around the earth, masses live in strife.

The beautiful creatures our Lord has made, precious ones to die,

No care or concern for all wrongs so made, of his very laws to defy.


Is now the time to know the wrath of our God, and it is not imaginary,

Not a shallow tribute or nod to be given, in any religious commentary.

Will be a reconning to come, harsher and greater than all seen before,

As men covet the riches and rob the soil, all to receive what is in store.

Those Innocent will suffer, as well, at the hands of all evil and the lust,

Now is the day all will meet their demise, life to die, return to the dust.

No longer all to live on God's green earth, having spoiled it, to destroy,

The benevolence shown by the Maker of all, no respect and to employ.


© 2018 whonunuwho

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