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Bewildered in Love. Tuesday's Inspiration, 15, to Dora Isaac Weithers

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom from the Master

"A false seeker

Definitely is responsible

For his own future.

But a real seeker

Is not responsible,

For his future is in God's hands.

Remembering this, he has only

To smile, sing and dance." - Sri Chinmoy


Bewildered in Love. A Regular Sonnet.

Partaking of my Lover’s dauntless fire;

Soothing my inner cries, of myriad fears.

The cute moon, a gemstone-blue sapphire,

Glowing with lustre, and drying my tears.

Sweet throbbing thrills, adorning my scars,

Thy mystic beauty, more priceless than gold.

I soar and ascend, Your sweet twinkling stars;

The scent of Thy lips, now kisses my soul.

Praise to Thy grandeur, O Empress of Light,

Ignited by flames; the breath of Your bliss.

Wrapped in a mantle, embraced by Delight;

Bewildered in prayer, that shall not cease.

My day and night, like butterflies transmute,

To my Beloved’s Heart, a golden flute.

_ Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 18th January, 2021.


Kiss Me … Wrap This Heart in The Fire of Your Breath. A free-style Sonnet

Kiss me … wrap this Heart in the aroma of

Thy breath. This sweet gaze; this burning fire

Of Your lips; those magical blue eyes,

Pulls me to the lap of Your indigo moonlight.

These precious roses that I carry today,

Was grown from the weeping willow of my Soul.

When a chivalrous knight encounters his Beloved,

He aspires to wrap and be enwrapped in ecstasy

Come, my Sweetheart! On this Valentine special,

The crescendo of my Love is immense!

I want to die … to walk on the battlefield of Hades,

Sacrificing all for the glory of Thy name.

Come, O my Queen! The hunger in my core is aching,

Kiss me … wrap this Heart in the fire of Your breath.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 14th February, 2018

~ Awakening the Inner Light ~


Wisdom from the Master

'Light must descend into darkness.

There's no other way to illumine darkness." - Sri Chinmoy

"Peace moves around unarmed,

yet peace can challenge

The entire world

of worries, anxieties and doubts." - Sri Chinmoy

"America's evolving spirit, being the essence of her national Self, is bound to transcend its present limits and soar to the heights of spiritual oneness. In the works of her advanced thinkers there are already indications of her mental growth towards the summit of her evolution, a summit which will manifest the successful spiritual transformation of her life and thought. " - Sri Chinmoy

Reflections on America, by Sri Chinmoy

"May America the Beautiful forever shine bright-brighter-brightest in the Heart of God the Creator and God the Creation. Sri Chinmoy –September 15th, 2001

"America is wealth. America is heart.
America is sacrifice.
Before long in America hopefully
There will shine forth the world's collective soul." - Sri Chinmoy

Both Light and Darkness, are the Dance of Love. - Rumi

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