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Between a Memory and a Dream

I know I'm not living the way I want now
It’s not often enough I’m alone with you
When I work it’s you that fills my mind
Is this the way we’re supposed to live?

I’m trying to understand my life’s worth
How can I allow so much to pass me by
It’s as if I believe in my own immortality
Like a young man ready for another war

I just needed someone who's human
It’s hard to sit and watch it happen
But I was right, you are only human
Your body next to mine tells me so

I’m not suffering from loneliness
Only being apart from my being
Tell me who made me this way
I didn’t ask for my crazy heart

After so many days, it became hours
There is nothing left for sadness to say
I try to smile knowing time will pass
Knowing that passing time hurts you too

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