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Between Two Men


So many times encounters appear
Then walk away in a strangers memory
He left his coat on the stall door hanging
Washing his hand he heard me talking
He turned and said thank you for reminding
I don’t know him
He don’t know me
A black and white conversation
Between two men who made peace before they met

I could never get that moment to repeat itself
At least not the way the first take went
The director accepted the way it happened
It’s time to build a story around what we reckoned
Was only to stop a bomb from dropping that second
I don’t know him
He don’t know me
A film noir tile floor improvisation
Between two men who heard God say sin no more

The circumstances of inspiration are not contrived
An angry man is telling you how he feels
You might leave shaking like a tree waiting for the fire
The tongue that swore at you was built by the desire
To damn his own life but it’s yours he believes must expire
I don’t know him
He don’t know me
The tragedy was really a celebration
Between two men who forgot what men said to believe

On the way out we saw her dragging the trash around
I didn’t speak her language but she smiled anyway
The film is buried in the ground behind her
Waiting for God to rewind it as the others were
It’s the same life for her, not what she prefers
I don’t know him
He don’t know me
The lady we saw her starvation
Between two men breaking bread waiting for it to multiply

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