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Between Storms

Verlie Burroughs is a west coast writer from Vancouver Island.

Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse 2019

Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse 2019

Almost Spring

A little dog escapes from a house
and follows the children to school.

A newly hatched fly takes his wings for a spin.

Snowdrops chill.
Hydrangea buds thicken.
Roses show their thorns.

Wolfman in the Moon

I watched the eclipse tonight
with binoculars, so everything
looked real close up, and
I swear the man in the Moon was
wearing a pair of cheap sunglasses
and grinning from ear to ear.
Maybe he was enjoying
being in the spotlight,
he sure looked happy
before everything went dark.

January 20 2019

Ode to a Toad

I saw a toad on the road
and I wondered what does this bode?
He weren't carrying any load
in the moonlight his bumps glowed
hopped away when I strode
too close. I followed
as he tiptoed cross the road
then slowed, overshadowed
to and froed, then tally-hoed
down the road in a hoboed mode.
I felt sorrowed as the moonlight
bestowed one last geckoed glimpse
so I wrote this ode...

Between Storms

There is moonlight in the woodshed.
The blue birds have gone to bed.

© 2019 Verlie Burroughs

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