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Between Emotions

Driving thru the country club roundabout
For people not knowing if they’re allowed to cry
Pumping some gas next to the river wash
Where burnt skinned street people wait to die

I don’t know their names
I just feel their silent cries
I can see it in their faces
When the sun begins to rise

I was alone thinking where I belong
I can’t afford the dues and the streets are long
It seems they never end for the walkers
Some doors open only for the love makers

Another day of begging
With long shadowed eyes
While I drive slowly past
Leaving for some high rise

I can’t seem to understand my blessings
Did I really know it would be like this
In the middle not knowing if you were there
The pretty melody followed by a kiss

I saw him on the corner smoking
His dog panting in the sun
Somebody gave him a dollar
His soul is still on the run

Whenever I wonder if I’m sure about my life
I think of your love, a miracle time found
How long can we wait for our dreams
We only know the way love should sound

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