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Better Off Without You

Krisselle is a lost soul searching for her purpose in this mundane lifetime.

You are wondering why I chose someone?

It's because you are still a boy and not yet a man.

How dare you to ask me if I want to be your wife,

When you can't even manage your own life?

Why do you keep talking about the day I left?

As far as I know, I made no promise to you for me to keep.

I doubt it when you said that I made you wept.

For all I know, your love is not that deep.

You got a new girl now, so please let me go.

Give her all your love, that's what you should do.

You said you only love her because you see her as me.

If that's the case, so why don't you just set her free?

Stop acting like I kid, please listen to me.

I swear by my side is not a place where you should be.

I'm telling you I'm not that kind of girl that you are thinking of.

And you are not even half of the man that I am dreaming of.

I admit that there are times that I got jealous of her.

But I'm sure that I have made a choice that is better.

You asked me to marry you but I won't dare.

A better life without you is all I care.

© 2019 Krisselle Jane Solangon

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