To a Friend: A Mother's Love

Updated on February 22, 2018
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Life is like a book. Some friends are a page, others only in a chapter, while the real ones are the whole story.

I dedicated this to you, so that you can move on from the past.. It has been 2 years, I wanted you to be happy..

"When someone special enters your life unexpectedly, you'll never want them to feel sad"

I have given a beautiful life that I deserve,

I was a child, a lady, a woman and a mother,

Taking the path to my future is a choice.

Death is not the end,

Do not mourn in my funeral, My love.

You are not left alone,

You’ll always find me waiting,

In the places we have known.

For Love goes on,

Think of it as a new beginning of another Journey,

Life have given me all the pages of years,

Ups and Downs came along,

You will fall, feeling blue, melancholic.

It’s okay to be hurt, Pain will cease.

Sweat and tears will make you much stronger

Mistakes may disappoint you,

but you’ll learn from it.

Writing this makes me feel relieved,

The bond and laughter,

All the memories will be cherished.

Yes, its you and you and you,

The one who’s reading this,

Share your kindness, not hatred.

I will love you endlessly,

From the bottom of my heart.

- Mom

"You're special to me in every way my friend, You don't walk this path alone. I'm here."

Hi readers! Correct me if I've mistaken a grammar.. This is my first article dedicated to a friend.

Thank you for reading this, My friend is very special to me. My best friend since childhood. It changed her personality so much after her mom passed away. I just want her to smile again, socialize and be happy.

The Sakuras


Just like the Old times,

We loved to walk and talk outside,

And take photos of Cherry Blossoms


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      Jessica_18 8 weeks ago

      Your friend is so lucky to have you! Keep it up, thumbs up to your first article