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Best Love Poems by Beams

When you smile

Even in a thousand miles

I get a sign and sprout with smiles

Not minding the miles

From where comes the smile

I’d love to go a thousand miles

Even through the River Nile

To see that beautiful smile

When you cry

I go shy

Come give me your hands and please don’t cry

I’ll wipe your tears and I’ll begin to cry

Then you smiled and I saw double rainbows in the sky

The dark clouds suddenly formed bright in the blue sky

Tempting you to cry a cry of joy but you’re shy

beautiful smile

When you’re upset

I give up my headset

And place it on your head, cause you’re my pet

Please don’t get upset

Or I’ll take back my headset

And get upset

Cause I can’t stay without my headset

But you’re my pet, so it’s you I’ll give my best

When you’re away

I put everything away

And focus on the way

I throw your pants away

Please just make a way

And come back today

I don’t want to say

The one that brings me gay has gone away

When you go shopping

Please I don’t like talking

Especially with those guys that like gawking

Just keep on walking

Without minding

Those guys that like gawking and sweet talking

I don’t like sharing

Especially with guys that like snatching

When you’re asleep

I don’t go to sleep

I stay awake and watch you sleep

Snoring into the beating of my heart that never sleeps

Because I don’t want to leave your sight when you’re asleep

I’m your knight so I’ll watch you sleep

Every night in your every sleep

No matter what it takes

I don’t eat cakes

Another girl bakes

Cause you’re the one that bake my cakes

To my taste

Every paste has a good taste

Cause it’s mixed with your sweat so I don’t play with your cakes

With them I can never get stomach ache

Do you know why I call you my best?

Well you don’t know that you’re the best

So different from the rest of the bests

You’ve come to give me rest from my stress

And that’s why I can never rest

Until I’ve given you my best

Please take rest from that stress

And give not yourself to stress

Your love is so bold

That even in the cold

It never loses hold

I’ll forever say and hold

Onto the fact that you mold

My bones when I grow weak even when we’ll grow old

Our love will still be bold

Even in the grave where it is cold

My baby, will you be my lady?

Will you bear my name

And wear my children on your waist?

Will you let me walk you through your lane

Even unto my own lane

And relieve you of all your pains

Just take a date

And we’ll have a date

Sit by me, my queen

With the crown of authority rested on the head of my queen

The queen of my nation, my nation of ever shiny stars

Seated by my right side

You’ll have your every wish

And your every wish shall be a command among my nation of stars

OH! You’re our mother, the mother of stars.

© 2018 Ebizimor Boloukie

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