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Best Poem of Journey Through Life

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Life is a journey,

With twists and turns,

A path that's winding,

With lessons to learn.

It's the laughter and tears,

The joys and the fears,

The moments that take your breath away,

And the ones that bring you to your knees.

Life is a tapestry,

Woven with threads of gold,

Some bright and shining,

Others left untold.

It's the beauty of nature,

The wonder of art,

The love that we nurture,

And the moments that touch our heart.

Life is a precious gift,

To be cherished and savored,

With each day a new lift,

And every moment to be treasured.

So let us live life fully,

With open hearts and open minds,

Embracing all that is lovely,

And leaving nothing left behind.

© 2023 Marwa KAABI