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Best Friends Silence

Best Friends Silence.

Communication has never been a barrier between us, Until that time when you thought the world Came to an end, When you thought you lost everything, When you thought all that you have loved Is gone now, Until then, You never knew that I existed, There and now. You passed by me everyday, Without a single word, Oh, How I wanted to talk to you, Deep down I was burning inside to approach you, To ask what have I done wrong, To uncover your silence towards me, I realised now that it was not your anger, Nor my fault, It was your own regret that kept you silent, It was your own actions that kept me away From reaching out to you, Your silence even scared me, Your silence left me speechless now, You brough this all on yourself, And that in turn silenced you, I want to help, if only you give me a chance to.

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