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Beseech You Again , O Idea!

Kshipra is a student pursuing masters from JNU, India. She loves reading and writing poetry and wants to publish her poems someday.


Your tapestries are impossible to catch.

Your fragrance dissipates quick in air,

of the sublimest weather distant most ether,

too quick for the mortals to match

and yet so strong to behold,

in a moment of that bliss,

too heavy to be told!

You, the idea, arrive like a spring,

after the reign of a long winter...

Before the arrival of a summery dream.

You keep preoccupied the days serene.

Why don't you float,

persistent in a scaffold?

So that you stay and rise strong.

So that you may be anytime put on;

like the armour, badly bruised,

from the old familiar winter hues;

as the new summery dim lit dreams,

are too shady to be seen.

So why don't you stay like

woken up eyes stay?

Not like the usual teary adieu,

that they bid to the dreams everyday.

You float like streams,

subtle and quick,

real and rejoicing,

threatening and enticing.

In platitudinous chimera cryptic,

you hang like dew in a morn.

Why don't you fall onto the grounds?

and become one with that refreshing storm

inside, in its glory, uprooting the dead scores

making the smiles glitter some more...

from the remnants of the broken docks;

fallen rightfully to annals of history,

to which they should belong;

bereft of the minds reiterating the old stories...

To beseech you again!

Come and stay...

in the hearts wanting your veneer.

Drain over their fallen days,

and up create a caldera,

spanning across miles...

O idea! do not be lost this time

O harbingers of melodious chime

become a frozen gale upon the land,

like driftwood crafted like chippendale...

Do mend your old ways

Do not you feign...

I beseech you O idea...

like a lovelorn desert

beseeching the rambling rains...

© 2017 Kshipra Pal

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