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Beneath the Skin - A Bipolar Poem

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


There is no alternative to Love!

— Sean Dragon

I am standing against him for so long now,

We are arguing about a vital, a crucial issue.

He is facing me, quarrelling with me, for what?

I want to show him, nothing is essential, more than we are!

I am a man of reason, a shrewd one; I'm on solid ground,

But he's not a clever one, he's stubborn and ignorant!

He thinks that worldly logic can handle the concerns of the Soul

He is losing the connection with the Core, drowning in a dry land.

I seldom lose my temper, but now! Oh! I am a man with power!

If he can't understand with words, violence may be the need.

I see him steaming, failing to follow the logic he worships,

He believes using his power will force me to surrender Love.

Why can't he see? Love is not a solution, Love makes you weak.

Love is insane, not of this world. Love sent Jesus to the Cross!

Oh! How he is afraid of the divine insanity of Love, the surrendering,

The abandoning of the Ego and the embracing with open Heart, the exposure!

He is a thief! He is stealing my life, giving me accusations and guilt instead.

Never let me enjoy my wealth, my fame my success. Why me? All do the same!

I will never stop whispering the truth to his Soul, to be the thorn beneath the skin.

He has to remember, there is no happiness built on others' suffering.


All do the same! Am I wrong? Then, why I can't free myself from this thorn?

Beneath the skin, in my Heart, hurting me for what I've been taught, by this world, as the right!

All do the same! The greatest trap of all! The deception of the Ego!

No! I shout to you, please listen, happy people don't do so!

Why was He, even on the Cross, asking us to love?

What was that? He told me, "You'll love your neighbor as thyself"?

Blissful people have met the Truth within, beyond the delusions:

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart."

Who is my neighbor? Why should I love him? What if he hurts me?

The moment I open my arms to embrace him, I leave my Heart exposed, unprotected.

Oh! Please, open your eyes to see, there is no neighbor other than you!

There is no other to hurt you besides yourself, there is no other to be hurt besides thyself!

How can I love my neighbor if I don't love myself? Or is this what He wanted to tell me?

Love your neighbor to learn to love yourself!

So, yes, love your neighbor who is you! I Am! I live within!

Open that door, and come to merge with me into One.


Oh! Lord, I'll do what you ask of me! I close my eyes to set an end.

I choose to Love, You and me and my neighbor, we are all the same!

Close your eyes to see within, to meet me there, I Am the One.

Love has no past, Love makes everything new! Reborn!

I Love! I have no fear, no other need but to see You, I open my eyes.

I see You, smiling at me through that mirror I am standing before. I am blissful!

Now you see Me! All that time you are standing before a mirror.

I am smiling at you, We Love, We are blissful, We are One!

Your inner self knows, listen to Him.

— Sean Dragon

Some Words About The Poem

As I wrote at the Hub of my first poem of this kind, I made up the name, Bipolar poetry, and I believe you can see why. Every stanza consists of two parts, of two verses each one, telling the "story" from a different point of view that seem to conflict. It's like you are reading two contrastive poems which exist at the same time in one, until the end, where you can see that, in fact, all is One! I don't know if I managed to express what I wanted, but the truth is that I enjoyed it!

© 2019 Ioannis Arvanitis