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Beneath Your Skin, a Poem to Inspire

John is a Christian but feels that all religions have both positives and negatives. He prefers to live by his own code of ethics.

Beneath Your Skin

Beneath Your Skin

Why Am I Preaching?

I don't know what's come over me lately. I feel like a lot of my writing may be seen as preaching. Admittedly, I am usually trying to promote some life message through my poetry but it usually is subtlely disguised and not as open and obvious as this poem.

I'm really not trying to invade Eric's niche of sermons. I'll leave that to him as he is much better at it than I am. For some reason though, I find my muse (or higher power) prompting me to write this, so who am I to argue? I hope someone who needs this message is also prompted to read it.

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Good or Evil? It's your choice.

Good or Evil? It's your choice.

Beneath Your Skin

I sit here contemplating life.

I'm sure I bore my darling wife.

So many things in history past,

I've come to see the truth at last.

No matter what we've done before

You can't go back through a locked door.

To change the past is not a choice

So what's the point of making noise?

Just live the present as you can

And try to be a better man.

The future will depend on you

So be forthright in all you do.

Learn from the past and your mistakes,

Real common sense is all it takes.

Make changes where they are required,

True dedication is admired.

Remember those who have inspired,

Who helped when you were sad or tired.

They picked you up when you fell down

And made you smile instead of frown.

The seeds of doubt come from within

But make sure you don't let them win.

Look straight ahead to what you seek,

The putrid smell of satan reeks.


Take everything that he can throw,

He's a weak and cowardly foe.

When God is watching over you,

There's nothing that you cannot do.

Be confident and don't back down,

You're satan's victor, not his clown.

Do good deeds and don't be cruel,

And be a wise man, not a fool.

Treat your family with respect,

Don't ever show your kids neglect.

Resist the pushers peddling sin,

Don't let them get 'beneath your skin.'

Whatever you believe or not

I hope this puts you on the spot.

Always choose good over evil,

It isn't cool to be the devil.

Good vs Evil

Good vs Evil

Author's Note

Once again, this poem was inspired by the title of a novel in my bookcase. This time it was 'Beneath the Skin' by Nicci French. It's a great psychological thriller, but believe me, the content didn't inspire this poem ... or maybe it did! To choose good over evil.

Here is what Harpers & Queen had to say about it:

"Cancel all appointments and unplug the phone. Once started, you will do nothing until you finish this thriller."

I can recommend it too, it's edge of the seat stuff.

© 2018 John Hansen

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