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Bending Minds

David is a digital designer and programmer by trade. He loves to write down ideas, wisdom and philosophy through article and poem creation.

Let me look inside your mind


a gesture so kind

enabling me to look through the blind,


a different line.

Connective layers of destruction



looking for assumption.

The reason being, there’s too much to hide

in front of your eyes

bending light in,

trying to give you a disguise.

Reality is a place for the living

your mind is a place for your friend

pretending not to make a mess

a gesture from a private test.

Unravelling through the bends and distortion

making sense of all your misfortune

watching the connections of a tiny universe

deciphering consciousness

not letting you out

keeping you within

trapping your spirit

on a quantum whim.

Turning through the clouds of memory

future, past & present

all within

a dimensional state built to give you instant access

time awaits

a conditional state.

Dreaming why it’s all to late

is it all just random fate?

maybe it’s been written

an answer staring at you in the face.

© 2018 David Irvine