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The Final Steps


The Final Steps

She made her way, steadily, through the aisle,
Uncertain of what awaits at the end,
Forcing herself to put up a faint smile,
Not allowing her fears to ascend.

"Would it be the wisest thing to do?"
Quietly she asked her skeptical self.
"What if it's a blunder too?
Would I then blame myself?"

"To be or not to be-
Is that really a question?
Do we truly have a choice?
Or is it all predestined?"

"How often did this come to my mind?
And yet I found no answer", she said.
"Perhaps the wisest thing would be not to think at all,
And greet whatever lies ahead".

And as her thoughts kept racing through her mind,
Steadily, she made her way through the aisle,
To reach for the boulevard not walked for a while.

Farah N Huq

Taking the final steps can often be confusing as life does not give us a second chance. But does planning our moves make a difference in the outcome or is it already planned by the Almighty?In this poem the boulevard is a path of uncertainties taken up with the fear of it's consequences.


© 2020 Farah N Huq

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