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Below Society's Line of Financially Successful Demarcation

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Considered fiscally responsible by many observers

Superb credit score that makes stores eager to raise credit limit

Worked hard to make mortgage and tax payments regularly

Told by a member of the upper echelon that you're still poor

In their eyes and will never be in the same baseball team as them

Will never be able to party with the Manhattan or DC elite

Never to be featured on one of Real Housewives shows

Thankfully, that last one considered a blessing in disguise

Terrified of exposing those stomach churning fears of routine

Embarrassed about just being ordinary member of the Cleavers

Resentful of those who appear to have gained membership into less than 1%

Into the exclusive club of overachievers and geniuses

They'll never have to be afraid of unemployment

Anger knows no bounds when it comes to the stress of paying monthly bills

A bleeding pulsating ulcer corroding what's left of the joy

And faith that they're still some good people in high and regular civilization

Been given third degree burns one too many times

Opened the front door to my heart to those who destroyed it

With a machete or chainsaw to mangle what's left

Don't know how many more times it can survive such damage

Aetna can only cover so many reconstructive surgeries

Lost too many PTO days towards this

Latest promotion shot down due to poor attendance and behavior

Need to shape up or ship out

Embracing the suction power of latest money pit

Looking out for number one now

Forget about everyone else; cheaper that way.

A high scoring team that's not taking on any new members.

A high scoring team that's not taking on any new members.


threekeys on April 10, 2018:

Its taken me all my life to "get it" that to survive let alone live you do need to help yourself first. Now I mean that in a healthy self preservering way not in a injurious frenzy of "take all". We were given two arms. One to help ourselves and the other to help others where we can.

Its not about tricking people. Its improving our ability to negotiate and initiate. Together with coming to terms to what we can do here and what we cannot.

Why do you need to be in the 1%?

What in the hell would you do with all that money? Waste it on egocentricities? My conscience wouldn't allow me to do that. What about you?

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