Believe In Yourself Again

Updated on May 8, 2018
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Erick Hernandez rarely writes poetry, but when he does, it is a masterpiece.

Do you believe in yourself? Try looking within yourself, pray to god and write down your goals.
Do you believe in yourself? Try looking within yourself, pray to god and write down your goals. | Source

Once upon a time, there was a kid who didn't believe in himself.

He failed miserably at life because he was being judged by a lot of people.

He would often cry at night or disrespect somebody because he wasn't gifted.

Then, one day, he decides to go for a walk in the park.

In that park, he meets someone special; someone who can lift his spirits up.

His name is legendary. It means "one who believes in oneself."

So, they spend time together, and they had a conversation.

It was within that conversation that the pupil discovers something intriguing.

The person the pupil is currently talking to used to be just like him, broken.

He mentions losing his job, his wife, and his home.

He explains to the pupil that he became homeless shortly thereafter.

He made mention of having a near-death experience.

It all started when he became addicted to cocaine after ingesting it for three years.

Then, one day, he had enough of life. He decided to overdose on cocaine.

His heart skipped a beat before he passed out.

He explained to the pupil that in his dream, he feel down a never-ending slide.

Only to be saved by his grandmother, of all people.

His grandmother explained to him that he is going down a dangerous path.

He was soon confronted by Satan, who blackened the sky around him.

He was about to be swallowed by the demon when a white light shone bright.

He figured "it must be an illusion" until he was confronted by God himself.

He told the man to stay on Earth and reorganize his life.

Otherwise, he'll be stripped of his soul and remain imprisoned for 10,000 years.

The man begged God for forgiveness. God said this:

"If you promise to stop using cocaine and find a home to live in, I'll forgive you"

The man said OK, and God thrusted him back to Earth.

When the man woke up from his dream, 200 days have gone by.

He found himself inside a hospital, heavily IV'ed and with a big headache.

When he tried to form words, noise came out. He started to cry.

That's when he decided to stop cocaine use and ask for help.

He spent nearly 3 years learning how to speak, and develop motor skills.

By his 5th year, the doctors deemed him fit enough to leave the hospital.

By the time he left the hospital, he applied for financial aid and a mortgage.

By the age of 50, he applied for a part-time job as a Bartender at a local restaurant.

There, he met a man who showed him the secret to believing in oneself again.

They called him "The man with the plan" because he had plans for himself.

He was a guru at his hometown with his own near-death experience.

This experience awakened him and he was forced to think differently.

So, he told the man the secrets to living independently.

5 years later, the man who almost died overdosing on cocaine...

...Now found himself living in a mansion, with a pool and a Greenhouse Garden.

Back in the present day, the man, now almost 70 years old, asks the pupil

"Do you believe in yourself right now?"

The pupil said "No. I am a failure."

The man said "And why do you think you're a failure?"

The pupil answered "I failed everybody. I fail myself. I think I should.."

The man interrupts him by saying "Don't do what I almost did. You'll regret it later"

The pupil nods and the man continues.

"I'm going to show you the secret to believing in yourself again. Here's 6 Ways."

  1. Always pray to god.
  2. Never look at the past as an excuse. Use the past as a stepping stone.
  3. Look towards the future, but focus on the present first.
  4. Never say any negative thoughts. When you think negative, your world becomes negative. When you think positive, your world become positive.
  5. Never use drugs as a coping mechanism. It'll do more harm than good.
  6. Never use social media as a platform for making new friends.

The pupil listened and the man asked again "Do you believe in yourself now?"

The pupil said yes. The man said "Well, then my job is done. Namaste."

As the man left, the pupil had his words right next to him.

The following day, he made a promise to honor that man's wisdom.

3 years later, he competed in a math competition.

He needed a 90 or better to qualify for the Math Geniuses Club.

He took the test, and scored a 113 due to an extra credit question worth 37 points.

None of the test-takers got the extra credit right. Most failed the test

He and 27 others managed to score at least 90, with the highest scoring 113 points.

He believed in himself and went on to succeed at major math competitions everywhere.

The end.

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      • Ivan Hernandez profile imageAUTHOR

        Erick Hernandez 

        5 months ago from Maintaining The Ivan Brand in Total Nonstop Ivan

        Thank you, threekeys. What a wonderful comment.

      • profile image


        5 months ago

        I enjoyed the story.

        Self belief is not easy as you said. Whether we admit it or not it helps one's self belief if others are also letting you know that they love having you around or whether you are doing well in some area.

        It may be that you may have to practice the art of self belief everyday until you no longer need to do that. There are probably a lot more people not letting on that their sense of self belief is fragile also.

        Take care.


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