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Always Believe In You


I am an amateur writer who writes poetry and short stories and I love to cook.


Author's Note

Believe, Believe, Believe! Always believe in yourself because you can be your own biggest fan. Remember that!

Here's the poem:

Believe In You

Believe in yourself

even when no one else does

because you can be your biggest fan

and that'll be just fine

believing in yourself takes courage

so don't stop believing

believe in yourself when others doubt

you don't know what you'll achieve



Final Thoughts

Hey darlings! How did we like this one?

I'm a big fan in believing in yourself because it can be so beneficial. I try to be supportive and that's the reason I wrote this poem. I want you to believe in yourself because confidence can go a long way.

I know there might be times when you're feeling down and you want to give up. That storm will pass and one of the steps you should take is believing in yourself. Never stop believing in yourself!

See you later darlings!

© 2019 Tia Miller


Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington, DC USA on December 05, 2019:

Tia, You did quite well, thanks for making me your "darling." As your darling I do want to share a mite of advice.

By saying "believe in yourself" you are actually saying "believe in the only god you will find" perf Luke 17:20-21. One important thing about doing it is one's focus must not be on what you were taught by others but one must listen to their "still small inner voice" that often goes contrary to what people think we should be or do.


Tia Miller (author) from Arkansas on October 24, 2019:

Thank you so much and yeah, I use that to communicate with the people reading.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 23, 2019:

Very good advice!

I love how you add a short paragraph or two at the ending.

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