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The Clown for his Daughter's Smile: A Poem

Halley loves to write and wants to convey messages through his simple writings.



your little fingers touching my face, when you hug me.

Blink your eyes and smile, reconcile my heart.

yes, I am your dad who always smiles, in every second of your cry.

yes, I am your dad who can turn, into a clown for make you smile.

I'm a clown who became a horse for you to ride

I'm a clown who becomes a statue for you to learn

I am a clown who is trying to accept the spray of powder

I'm a clown who suddenly becomes a doll to calm you down.

My daughter, I'm a clown who will cheer you up.

all it takes is happiness till you grow up.

my role to be a clown of the moment, will change in the future.

would you call me your hero.

My daughter, let's play again until your cry is gone

with your deep sleep with a bright smile tomorrow.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro

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