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Being Patient - Poem Inspired by Brenda's Prompt

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Rozlin loves composing poems and sharing them with her readers. She pours her heart in her every write up.


The Background Story

It’s been a long time I am publishing something on HP. Brenda, our dear friend has given us a word prompt to sharpen our creativity. This hub is my response to her word prompt, “Patience”. Patience is a capacity to accept or tolerate delays, problems without becoming anxious. I have written two lyrical poems and one acrostic. Hope everyone enjoys reading.

Being Patient

Being patient, taught me to be calm.

Being patient, made my faith stronger in Him.

Being patient, I learnt to accept what cannot be changed.

Being patient, I met the courage in me.

Being patient is not easy I know.

Being patient is an opportunity to know ourselves.

Being patient, I learnt to stop complaining and judging.

Being patient, made me a good listener.

Being patient, build my tolerance for being uncomfortable.

Being patient, forgotten me my comfort zone.

Being patient, I learnt to be humble.

Being patient, I met a new me and what about you?


Acrostic Poem

Persistence prolonged

Attentive silently in every next action

Testing one’s behavior

Identifying one’s courage

Enhancing one’s reputation

Naturally fueling oneself

Capacity to accept imperfection

Expecting with calmness

Patience Look Like

I am quiet, doesn’t mean I am ignorant.

I am keeping strong.

I am holding on my feelings.

I can be my worse version easily.

I am my best version now laboriously.

I am waiting hopefully for the good things to happen,

And they happen only to those who are patient.

If one is a parent, then it’s an opportunity to learn patience while raising kids.

— Rozlin

© 2022 Rozlin

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