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Behind Closed Doors

She is a writer who wants to the influence the readers through her soulful writings.


Have you ever noticed the bags under her eyes?or the way she looks too far away?for she's struggling to manage the turmoil in her head.

Her skinny figure, her hollow cheeks,
and craked lips yet she smiles so wide
just to put on a show that she was fine.

Have you ever felt how hard she tries
to make everyone happy.
Absolutely everyone, but not herself.
They all think that she was alright,
but they didn't know what she's concealing behind closed doors.

Little did you know that inside she's a wreck,
her mind is a mess.
When she's with everyone she looks so bubbly,
but when she's alone,
she is slowly breaking.

So she took a deep breath,
and wished that one day she would live in serenity
and not just survive.

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