Behind the Crumbling Facade of a Sociopath

Updated on May 27, 2020
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Society always separated people into two groups

Normal and the above average Jack and Jill

Those who couldn't be defined by conventional means

Understood fully that not everyone was created equally

No matter how many laws are enacted to say otherwise

Some have the capabilities of making a lasting impression

While others had the parts, but were missing something

In order to put those qualities that many take for granted

Had a unique way of dealing with life's problems

Let nothing faze them in any way, shape, or form

To be honest, they didn't seem interested in anything or anyone

Put up a front in order to be considered normal

Dressed in fancy designer clothes and kept house clean

Paid all of the bills on time and obeyed the rules

Harboring a dark secret that threatened to destroy it all

Looking to the large glassiness of the bathroom mirror

At a reflection that appeared to be more of an illusion

Not a realistic image of a person in front of it

Almost a trick of the mind than a human being

Sure, full of blood, bone and the flesh that made it count

Had all the accompanying factors of being alive

Just didn't feel any of them; no emotions or attachments

Existing only to simply get through the day without detection

Robbed of a sense of right and wrong that most were born with

Highly intelligent creatures who could rule the world

Shouldn't because they were dangerous to have so much power

Could push the red button without hesitation and cause another war

Corruption ran rampant when they entered office

Accepting bribes and doing some of the dirty work themselves

No knowledge or understanding of the word guilt

Nothing they did bothered them in the slightest

Did some pretty shocking acts in order to feel alive

Even if meant doing something illegal to get an adrenaline rush

Taking part in a high speed chase with the police

Causing mayhem and destruction in their wake

Not caring about the consequences at all

Became a footnote in all of the true crime shows to sell a story

Disturbed that it had to reach this point

Wondered what it would take to stop the madness

Likely handcuffs and a prison cell to keep them at bay

Rehabilitation unlikely because impossible to fix the unfixable

Time to lock them up and throw away the key

Prevent this numb individual from becoming a full fledged psychopath.

Behind this façade was someone didn't exist.
Behind this façade was someone didn't exist.


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