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Behind Time - A Poem


Rinita is a creative writer, with focus on poetry. She delves into several forms including Haiku/Senryu, Sonnets, Free Verse, and Prose.

Constantly Flowing Time

Constantly Flowing Time

The Poem

“You!”, in the middle of the night

Someone white called unto me

My eyes on the flame, burning bright

Led me on to the fantasy

A distant island, a feared dream

Rocks, and edges sharp as knives

Into the river, fell time with a gleam

Splash and swirl, brought on the vibes

Once on the raft, through I sailed

A fruit-bearing orchard closed in

Echoes and shadows partly veiled

Made my soul turn, and heart spin

Dusk it was, and getting sublime

The bird of prey in its beak

Took my hands bound with time

Flew with rage, over the creek

Hands folded, I stared at my white

Companion beyond the blue flame

A hint of red melting on either side

Cocooned I was in the time warp game

The Explanation

The protagonist here battles with a consistent companion, which is the ghost of her past. She wants to do away with it, but her heart is not in it, as she longs to go back to the past that was brighter than her dreary present, and she is constantly transporting her mind back and forth, every time coming back with misery and pain, but wanting to go back again. Thus, in the time warp she remains, comfortable though sorry.

Written as a tribute to the Master, Mr. Dickens, for giving us the wonderful gift of "A Christmas Carol" more than a hundred and fifty years ago.

© 2018 Rinita Sen


Rinita Sen (author) on June 15, 2018:

Thank you, Hari, and I am glad you agree about troubling thoughts. Thank you again for reading.

Hari Prasad S from Bangalore on June 15, 2018:

Great poetry Rinita. The context of the poem is well explained and that makes the poem much more dramatic and heart felt. Troubling thoughts are infact quite erratic and writing about it isn't easy too.

- hari

Rinita Sen (author) on June 10, 2018:

Thank you, manatita for echoing my thoughts, although, there is always a calm inner soul in the wildest of brutes. Just need to find that moment of peace in times of turmoil. Thank you again for visiting.

manatita44 from london on June 10, 2018:

Life. It is just like that Rinita. Full of the past and future ... scare of the Here and Now. Quite scary, really.

"Face the brute!" Vivikanada used to say. Face the brute.

Great poetry!

Rinita Sen (author) on June 08, 2018:

Thank you Linda for your visit. Glad you enjoyed the write.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on June 08, 2018:

Your poem and explanation are very interesting. I enjoy exploring the nature of time in real life and in poetry and fiction.

Rinita Sen (author) on June 08, 2018:

Thanks again :)

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on June 08, 2018:

you need no nudge.. just write what you write so well...:)

Rinita Sen (author) on June 08, 2018:

Thank you, Frank. Well, you did give the nudge!

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on June 08, 2018:

This was a fantastic piece, and it's so nice to see something new from you

Rinita Sen (author) on June 08, 2018:

Thank you Peggy, truly appreciate your visit.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on June 08, 2018:

This is an interesting poem which I read twice after reading your explanation of it. As to "A Christmas Carol"...that is certainly a classic!

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