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Behind Paul Newman's Seasoned Blue Eyes

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

As a person, preferred to search for substance over many stylish things

Occasionally landed on some superficial and baser needs

An itch that needed to be scratched repeatedly; no one is above impulse

Not even the ones that liked to look beneath the surface of life

Craved honesty to the point where it became a vice, or an albatross

Hanging squarely around the neck of the wearer for revealing too much

Probably an act of naivete for someone youthfully inexperienced

Next sociable experiment will harbor the "less is more" approach

Subtlety in the expression department allowed for return engagements

Believed that beauty more often than not can be found within

Offering more insight than conventional means of wonderous sights

Loved the fact that a person's eyes can say so much about them

Without them having to utter a single word; amazing orbs of knowledge

Said everything and nothing all at once

Always had a desire to find a partner who had the most expressive eyes

Panoramic windows that allowed you to look within to get a glimpse

Irises that revealed everything you wanted to know without expressing it

Closest to obtaining such enlightenment was watching movies

Seeing leading men like Paul Newman and his very substantial baby blues

That seemed to always show more depth and light as he aged

Sparkled whenever he felt the need to laugh at something funny

Pulling a practical joke on an unsuspecting costar or director

Darkened before the viewers whenever a sad moment came across

Always had multiple sides and hues depending on the moment

No wonder he was nominated numerous times for an Oscar

Shame that it took decades for him to obtain one for his mantel

Found love on the big screen with his second wife Joanne Woodward

A partner that understood the intricacies of Hollywood as an actress herself

A relationship that had as much strength as it did some challenges

One person who took a backseat to allow the other to shine brighter

A man that seemed to get better as he aged in front of the camera

As his hair got greyer and turned to a bright white; he grew more interesting

Earned an extra air of smiling mischief as Sully in Nobody's Fool

Developed a long held love of race cars and driving them very fast

Depicted an adventurer that loved to throw caution to the wind

When he exited the world in 2008, an era of fascination concluded

Wondered if viewers will be able to find another with such intensely blue eyes

Fingers crossed, but unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Newman fascinated moviegoers alike with his timeless appeal and his blue eyes.

Newman fascinated moviegoers alike with his timeless appeal and his blue eyes.

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