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Behind Closed and Permanently Padlocked Relationship Doors

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

When one door closes, another one supposedly opens

Or so everyone has been led to believe from time to time

Sounded naïve to think that everything happened for a reason

Instead of going right, you made a left turn into the unknown

Someone else might have made the turn for you

And led you to fall out of the car into the wide open space

Keeping on the road was the only option to do

Waiting for that demented driver to return wasn't possible

Pushing forward no matter what was the best choice

Posed with the dilemma that going backward could be a possibility

Was asked by a coworker if I could get back in that car, would I do it?

Not thrilled with the idea though after giving it some thought

No point in going backwards because everything

Usually ended in the same conclusion

Aftermath meant to happen for a reason

Even if the dismount often left a bitter resounding feeling

A slight unbalance in rising from the ground

After the fall from a once former grace

Not by any fault of your own accord, but by someone else's actions

Realized that there was no point in repeating the past

The future was never truly part of the equation in the first place

For the former twosome that used to occupy the memory foamed sofa

Where mutual love and respect never existed in the first place

If there was no respect, or trust for that matter, the love wasn't genuine

Realized that self worth was more important than having a warm body

Laying in the bed on cold winter nights to snuggle with

Would rather have a big fluffy dog for those particular nights

Decided that it was better to stand on the other side of the entryway

Laughing at the thought of the deranged driver looking for admission

Into a promised land that wasn't meant to be theirs in the first place

Realized that the reality was that they'd never return to your porch

They'd have to admit that they were wrong from the beginning

That would never happen because of their stubborn need to be right

At any and all costs; even when they were dead wrong

Better in the long run to never have that fraudulent joke

Darken your domicile ever again

Starting over was a little challenging

Gotten better with each passing day and soon they will be just a memory

A flicker of a past best left in your rearview mirror.

Keeping that door closed from any unwanted guests.

Keeping that door closed from any unwanted guests.

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