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Befriend Truth - A Poem .... With Reflections on Why Truth Is Not Trusted ....

Vanita is an engineer-researcher-consultant-artist: a gifted singer-poetess; & writes in English-Hindi-Gujarati on her diverse experiences


Befriend Truth

Behind every lie,

Every manipulation,

Lies the fear

That Truth harms.

The lame veil of lies.

Of manipulations,

Falls upon facts.

Through the Truth

In the form of facts,

Peeps the Truth

Behind the facts.

Strange is

The fear of Truth,

Perceived as

Bitter Truth,

Harsh Truth,

Dangerous Truth,

Ugly Truth,

Defaming Truth ….,


Truth as

Simple Truth,

Innocent Truth,

Compassionate Truth,

Funny Truth,

Beautiful Truth ….

Ultimate Truth !!

The fear of Truth,

Trusting lies,

Trusting manipulations,

Distrusting Truth,

Fearing Truth,

Hiding Truth,

Hiding from Truth,

Distorting Truth,

Creates traps,

Chaos and illusions,

That consume

Dignity, Happiness,

Prosperity, Progress,

Harmony and Peace.

Is it so difficult to

Befriend Truth ??!!

Befriend Truth !!

Befriend Truth !!

Vanita Thakkar (22-08-2017)


Truth is the Light, the Strength - the Absolute .... Still, the irony is, Truth is not trusted.

Does this fact not pop up every now and then in our lives - in professional lives, relationships and day to day dealings with people ??!!

This fact plays major role in creating chaos, discomfort, sorrow / agony / anguish in life.

Still, out of apprehensions / fears, people prefer lies, due to compulsions imposed by preferences, greed, desires, misconceptions on ideals / traditions and so on, which are all generally summed up in one word - ignorance.

Lies, illusions, misconceptions are all reactions to Truth.

We are reminded of the story of blind men identifying an elephant, calling it a rope or snake or wall or pillar / tree and so on ....

Truth is Truth is Truth.


Sometimes, people get into a complain mode that just doesn't agree upon a switch over ....

The following poem - Oh darkness! - speaks about the vicious situations thus created ....


Love and Truth are like the two sides of a coin, complementary to each other.

Love without Truth is blind. Truth without Love becomes unkind.

- Vanita Thakkar (14-11-2021)


Mahatma Gandhi established Truth and Non-Violence as the fundamentals to progress as an individual and as a Nation / Human Society.


Swami Vivekananda gave a wonderful interpretation of Truth, based on the teachings of the Upanishads ....


The essence of all Religions, as explained by Guru Nanakji ....

Forthcoming Kartika Poornima (Full Moon day of the ongoing Hindu month - Kartika) is the Birth Anniversary of Shree Guru Nanak Dev. It is also celebrated as Deva Diwali, which means Diwali of the Gods.

Remembering and offering prayers to Guru Nanakji on the auspicious occasion of His Birth Anniversary on Deva Diwali ....


© 2021 Vanita Thakkar