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Before the Elastic Limit Is Exceeded #3

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


This man inherited something from his old parents it is called “leaves of favor”, but when

The western religion entered the island, and the man embraced the religion people have been

Saying using most of the ancient things are fetish and should not be used again for those who

Use such would not possess the kingdom that belongs to God. He wishes to possess the

Kingdom of Heaven as some other people call it thence he has destroyed most of the things

That have connections with the idols and all the books of incantation he has destroyed. But

The use of this leaves has no link with incantations all that one needs to do is ensure that

One wakes up very early in the morning when one wants to pluck the leaves and one should

Not meet with anyone while going to the place where the leaves are to be plucked nor while

Returning, if one can succeed in doing this. Other thing is that one would spread the

Leaves dry, with other ingredients and would grind them to powder form. After doing this,

One should then give the person who would be taking it with pap early in the morning for

Seven days. At the beginning of the eighth day, the person would begin to see changes in

How she or he is being appreciated by opposite sex. It will take her about thirty days before

He could get the required leaves because at sometimes he will not meet with people while

Going but would meet them while returning which has negate whatever he wants to use

The leaves for. In preparing this, what they use incantation for is to talk to the spirits of

Humans that they should not wake up throughout the duration of their plucking the leaves

And returning home it was not as if the incantation is useful for its preparation. And now

That he claims to have embraced the faith of Jesus, he cannot make any incantations because

Those are related to invoking the spirits of the devil. He only prayed, but the prayer would

Not work until it was the thirtieth day. Then he walked to the place and return without

Meeting with anyone on the road. He was elated for this and he spreads the leaves in the sun

For another fourteen days, for it to properly dry. He has to spend fourteen days before the

Leaves could be properly dried because he got the leaves during the raining period,

Spreading things in the sun during the raining period needs proper monitoring for it is not like

The dry season when one could leave the thing in the air without fear of rain. When he

Spreads the leaves and other things that he shall add to the leaves in the sun he has to be

Monitoring the leaves against the rain so that his work would not be in vain. To monitor it, he

Suspended all other activities for the period, because there are certain rains that begin without

Prior notification to people. He would not want to take that chances, hence, to get the

Work done he stayed close to where he has spread the leaves on. The leaf of favor as it is

Called has some other functions that he can do for the person who uses it. However not many

People have known this, even in the ancient days, not to talk of now that western religion

Has swept the entire island and which their preachers have been castigating and speaking

Negatives of the ancient things that one does not need incantations for. Because of this people

Baby Testimony Ogundare

Baby Testimony Ogundare

Do not cherish the local things of the island that have no demonic involvements in it. At

The inception when this man also believes in the western religion, he has also frown at

Anything and everything called local, because they are all demonic as the preachers used to

Say. But when he has grown in faith, he has known that contrary to those people’s

Preaching and speculations, there are certain things that are still helpful to people which have

No incantations attached to it nor related to demonic involvements. Having gotten this

Because of his growth in faith, no one could bamboozle him nor confuse him of what the

Holy writ says again. After he has worked on those things and it has been dried, he pounded

Them until they become powdered form. Then he called for her daughter and gave her the

Powdered form that he should give unto her friend to be using. Her friend who has known

The man to be very fervent in faith for he is one of those people they have respected most as

A believer in the island and she knows that he is still in the faith had no reservations in her to

Be using the powdered form of the leaves of favor. On the eight day, what happened

Surprised her, for a man who has been seeing her all this while that day on seeing her asks if

She has just relocated to the neighborhood. She replied him that she has been in the area for

About seven years now, and she wonders why he has asked. He told her, that to be candid

With her, that he has never seen someone as beautiful as she is in the area before, and he is

Not sure that he has ever set his eyes on her, no not at all. She laughed and replied that he

Used to greet her whenever she passes by his side. That is strange he replied. And asks

For her number, after they had exchanged number she left and kept wondering what is

Happening. As from then, she starts to see different guys talk to her and all of them have

Interests in her, they wanted to marry her. She has to call her friend to share her

Experience with her. Her friend called her father to thank her and to tell him of what her

Friend has been experiencing for a while. Her father thanked God and says, that is how the

Thing works, it will be bringing favor along her path. She asks what she can do for those

Who have been interested in her are all serious guys and she is confused of which one to

Choose among them. Her father replied that he has done his part, it is now left to her, but

What he will suggest she do is that she should check the foundations of them, check

Think about their faith, among other things and she could settle for the one she knows deep

Within her that she loves most among them. she thanked her father and talks to her friend that

They will need the assistance of some guys to help her through because sometimes some

Men could not be predicted and what they cannot see while interreacting with men as ladies,

Men would notice and would caution them. they employed the services of her siblings and

Through that they could select the person they knew was the best for her. Her parents told

Her when she took the man home and introduced him as her spouse that they are the happiest

Person on earth that day, and that they can now die in peace. They counseled that they would

Not tarry before they would solidify everything. They got married in a low-keyed fashion

When she was going to 44 years. She gives birth to her first child when she was three months

Away from her fortieth birthday. On the day of christening the baby, she thanked her friend

Profusely and her father for coming to her aid before her elastic limit is exceeded….


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