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Before the Elastic Limit Is Exceeded #2

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They will continue to pray with her but would not grace the birthday event they told her

Siblings. they replied them that they should be patient with her, each person has her time and

Date, God has not forgotten anyone they replied their father and mother. Tell her to work fast

On herself, they replied their children, she is a “she”, time is not on her side, in no distant

Time now she will enter menopause phase and when that happens to give birth to a baby

Would become a wishful thinking, because the time has expired, she has overused her days,

Exceeded the elastic limit. Continue to pray for her and others the last born replies her

Parents when they raised the issue of the elastic limit with them. you know if not for my aunt,

This family would not have been where she is at the moment, she has sacrificed all for this

Family, assuming she has been married, do you think she will be able to make all those

Sacrifices? God forbid that she even be married to unresponsive and non-responsible partner,

Things would have been extremely difficult for us as a family she told them. we thank God

For all that she has been doing for the family we have not shied away from that, and we

Eternally grateful to him for all the financial support he has been given us, your parents

Especially during the period of your father’s sickness, she has turned out to be one in a

Million. Yet despite acknowledging this we cannot shy away from saying needs to be said

Because she is our daughter and we love her so much, we want it well with her, that is why

We are saying all of this and we are sincerely praying that she will be married to someone

Who would be responsive, loving, caring, someone who will take her for whom she is and

Would also value her family members. After discussing about her, her parents sent their

Regards to her, in a Greeting Card fashion praying with her that her new year shall be full of

God’s blessings and her heart desires be granted. As stated the birthday was a low-keyed

One, not more than twenty people in attendance, the families of her siblings because they all

Are married except the last born who is yet single, and her three friends; one a High School


Friend, the other a University friend while the last is her only friend in her workplace. All

Her friends attended the birthday with their spouses. At the birthday they all prayed for her

That the new year she was starting would be her breakthrough year martially. At the venue of

The birthday, her High School friend was called by her father, and when she told him that

She will call him back that she is at the birthday of her friend, the man remembered her and

Asked that phone be given her as he prayed with her on the phone. After praying with her, he

Told his daughter that he will be expecting her call. She called three hours later and they

Discussed at length starting from the birthday and the man asks about her spouse, when he

Heard that she was yet single it pained him and he told her daughter that she will work on

That, because the lady has been her best friend since their High School days. Outside this,

The man remembers that her daughter has told him how she has been instrumental in her

Securing a place of work where not many friends would do that these days, people these days

Usually mind their own businesses alone, they will want to be known alone, they will

Want to be the head in all they are doing while their friends suffer and continue to look to

Them for assistances. He promised her that he will help her in this wise for this is the only

Means he can use to pay her back for what she has done for her daughter. Her daughter

Told her that she will be very happy if she can do that for her, because they have tried all that

They could in ensuring that she secures a partner but all to no avail. Her father told her that

She shouldn’t worry because what he will do for her he has proven it over the years and he knows if he could fulfill the needful conditions all would be well.


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