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Before the Elastic Limit Is Exceeded #1


The entire family’s eyes have been set on her, expecting when she will introduce to them

Her heartbeat, her love for just last month she celebrated her birthday in a low-key manner at

The compound of the building which she lives in. All her siblings were present at her

Birthday celebration because they all love her she has been a rare leader showing unique

Example for all of them. She lives an exemplary and a sacrificial life style. Thus, her siblings

Made a point of duty to attend her birthday, and the last born of the family who could not be

At the birthday felt sorry for the inability not to make the date. She has been unavoidably

Absent because at the last moment her Department Head has given her a work outside the

Island. She is the only person who could do the work and represent the management well

Before the expatriates this her Department Head knows and other members of the

Department, thence, she could in no way pass the work on to someone else to do for her. She

Has called her sister to tell her of what has cropped up and promises to come straight to her

Place after the assignment to spend about three days with her to make do for what she

Would have missed during the program as well as relive the past. They are the two females in

The family. They love each other without wavering and they confide in each other. The three

Males among them could not jealous them, because they “are in the female world” and

When they are also in the “male world”, they also would not poke their noses into what they

Are discussing. On the issues that they needed their input they will consult them to put them

Through ditto for the males. They continued to grow in harmony among themselves. As

The first born of the family, they have accorded her due respect and she has not been failing

In her responsibilities of always being there for them, especially financial wise, because all of


Them have no profitable work that they are doing. The work that the last born was also

Doing could be called slave-like work, because her “take home pay cannot even take her

Home”. She has however admonished her when she wants to pull out of the work that she

Should continue to manage the work, to gain experience from there by. This she has agreed

With. For all the roles she has played in their lives in the past and still playing, they all agreed

That they will grace her wedding. She has told them that it will be on a low key, and she

Wants it celebrated among her siblings and about three of her friends alone. She told them

That she has no intention of even marking the date, because she has no joy, but her friends

Have strongly advised that she should mark her date, that she cannot because she has not

Gotten what her hands wanted to ignore her birthday, as long as we are yet in the world,

We yet have hope they have told her. Since she is still alive she should not written herself off,

Miracle happens every day, miracle can happen to her they had counseled her. She has

Yielded to their counsels and have said she would mark it in a very low key possible

Amongst her siblings and three or more friends. Her siblings have informed their parents

About her birthday and that they wanted to mark it in a low key. Her parents replied that they

Remembered her date, but her case is given them serious concern she is a “she” not a

“he” and ought to have introduced someone to them as the love of her life, but she has never

Done that, no not once. Even when she was in the institutions when young chaps used to

Come home with male friends, she has never brought any male partner home as her

Friend, even the only female friend she has brought home, she has informed them that she has

Parted ways with her because of her infidelity, their parents have told her. Her case brings

Them no joy, her parents have told their siblings, adding that they had their dates of birth

In their diaries, and do remember the date each one of them is being given birth to, but hers Brings them no joy.


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