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Before I Met You, Darling

I'm a mathematician and have taught mathematics and related courses for over 3 years. Still working on myself. Still I rise


Meant For Each Other

Before I met you, darling

My heart knew you

And craved for your love

To taste the sweetness of

Your heightened passion

Before I met you, my love

My heart had accepted you

To hold you close and

Cherish you forever

Before I met you, sweetheart

I'd dreamt of kissing you and

I'd tasted your sweet lips

With my heart beating for you

Before I met you

You'd told me you loved me and

I knew my heart was right

To love you so greatly

Before I met you

I knew our love was real and

I knew we were

Meant for each other.

© 2019 Ehilenbalu David Uduebor

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