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Becoming a Sociopath: Reality Television's Perfect Template

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

How is it possible one person can change

So much without even trying to do so

One choice making such a shift in a strong personality

Isolated from the rest of human vibrancy

A washed up seashell after getting a beating in the ocean

Devoid of any special markings and battle scars

Another trinket for tourists to pick up and ignore

When they return home from their weekend trip to the shore

Dismayed that people seemed to only be interested in the good

Avoided the bad and any deeply meaningful conversation

Pondered if becoming truly a leper in their own making

Sure, it's likely a byproduct of their private self doubt

Began to impact their day to day existence

As they wondered if they were the cause of this nitpicking

Or if it was a truly legitimate cause for concern

Started the month as a fully formed person

With an identity and emotions that came along

For the journey down a long and winding road

One that Robert Frost once wrote about in a famous poem

Saddle sore and embarrassed from all the twists and turns

Ended up simply lost, confused and back at the beginning

Wondered how it was possible to go back to square one

After travelling so many frequent flyer miles around the globe

Disappointed that this amusement park game of life

Was rigged from the word go; much to the dismay of many

Some just have the luck, while others always search for it

Transformed into a cynical and neutral creature by mid-month

Part of the complicated package presented to the masses

Realized that sometimes the best way to move ahead

Simply blend in with the herd of corporate cows

Grazing in their illusion of privacy inside their half cubicles

Pretending to be part of the crowd better than swinging for the fences

And falling flat in a cow pasture and having mud all over your face

Felt the aftershocks of such a gamble rather quickly

Faster than initially anticipated

Turning into a numbed and shelled out individual

Scraped of all their substance and natural texture

Two cookies without the cream in the middle

To make things interesting to find a way into the center

Otherwise just bored by two generic cookie pieces

No flavor or special texture to make them stand out

Dead inside to the concerns of others and joyful things

Used to be cause for celebration or just a simple smile

Putting one foot in front of the other to get from place to place

No purpose and reason behind any choice

Existing to punch a time clock each day without any meaning

Needed to have a day off from the lack of feeling

Time to recharge and find the joie de vie missing from picture

Hopefully, 24 hours will do the trick

Only vacation time left until end of year

Fingers crossed.

Seashells washed up on the shore.

Seashells washed up on the shore.

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