Because I Am Afraid to Go Outside

Updated on May 1, 2018
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An engineer as chosen by the society but a social activist by heart. Completed my graduation from MP and currently working in IT industry. to explain that agony...

That was another day
like an ordinary one.
I was in hurry to reach the school,
got ready and made a messy bun.

The path I used to follow,
was full of mud and stones.
In the deep jungle,
no one could hear the moans.

In between that silent area,
I heard the noise of some steps behind.
But couldn't find any one
just considered it the game of mind.

As I moved ahead,
someone grabbed my face.
One more helped him,
and they took me to an unknown place.

Some more were waiting there,
ready to scratch my body.
They threw me down.
To whom I could ask for help,there was nobody.

In front of my eyes,
they snached my wearing.
No hope was left
and the only option was bearing.

There was no one to help.

One by one they came and went.
For their greed and craving,
they thought for only this I was meant.

The pain I was suffering from,
can't be explained.
They gave me wounds,tarnished the soul
that can never be regained.

This wasn't enough for them.
They beat me with sticks.
My parts started bleeding,
they then hit me with kicks.

One of them came with a brick
and hit it hard on my head.
Left no other path for me,
other than facing the death.

They then left me there,
totally unconcious and naked.
With closing eyes and deep wounds,
I felt my myself getting faded.

It's been twenty years, I changed the place
but not yet able to go outside.
"Come with us" when people say,
what to say, which frightening incident resides inside!


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    • Aishwarya Mishra profile image

      Aishwarya Mishra 2 weeks ago from Kolkata

      Thanks a lot Louise. Please keep reading. :)

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 2 weeks ago from Norfolk, England

      That's a very powerful and emotional poem. Beautifully written!