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Because I Want To Be Free

I'm turning 28 and it's scary

I am alone and lonely
And gay
And nobody knows
And it hurts
For the first time in my life, I finally figured it out
The years of doubts and hiding from myself is over
The doubts and hiding from everyone else is even more hateful now
I am scared and alone, I hate it
I finally figured myself out but its not what I thought it would be
I am alone and lonely
I removed the mask but its marks stayed
So I have to hold my head down so everybody won't know
But I am so tired of hiding myself
I just want to be free but its scary
Sh!t, I am gay, so f-cking gay
But I couldn't say it
Why am I so afraid
Why can't I do it
Why am I crying right now
Why am I hiding, the world is wide
I am gay
And in case you're wondering
I am coming out

© 2022 Old Notebook Poetry

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