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Beauty of winter

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Iam a female writer, currently a graduate student, thou whatever I exprienced I just draw it in my article ....

Winter arises

The prettiest season of the year,

Is finally here,

a wonderful winter night,

With stars so bright,

Eyes gazing over a landscape bare,

The snow clinging to the trees wont always be there,

Pale moonlight showers diamonds generously all around,

Its treasure glints and sparkles upon the hardened ground,

Looking forward to the frost and snow

Night spent watching the embers glow

Snow keeps mounting on the posts,

On the windows and on the roads

There is peace and dark in the night,

The White blanket is the pleasant it brings,

The wood is so lovely , the snow is so deep

The world around me is so asleep....


© 2019 Iqra

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