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Beauty of Sorrow

Writing is my passion. Gardening is my love. Teaching is my hobby. Thinking is my power.

Beauty of sorrow.

Laugh in sorrow.
Beauty of sorrow.
A sorrow can change your life.
Don't scared from sorrow.
How beautiful is sorrow
We learn so much in the midst of sorrows.
If there was no sorrow, then there would be no hope of happiness.
sad heart,
Only then will you remember the Lord.
If you are sad, then you will know the importance of people.
saw the trees,
Today it is green. Tomorrow it will dry up in the fall.
If sorrow is there today then it will end tomorrow.
The beauty of sorrow is this, sorrow teaches us to take a resolution.
Grief teaches us to work hard.
Grief teach us to from whom how to behave.
A happy life forgets sorrow. While sorrow is also a part of life.
Whereas in sorrow there is a thought of happiness.
Grief makes one feel loved. Happiness separates oneself from oneself.
In happiness they become greedy,
in happiness there is pride,
but in sorrow there is belongingness.

A sad heart looks at people with respect.
A happy mind competes for wealth among people.
And then the mind gets filled with greed.

Sorrow is a pain, but it only conveys sorrow from every aspect of life.
Sorrow is a gift, to correct the mistakes of a happy life.


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