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Beauty and Star


Every name has its meaning behind . Like thousand words , each is one of a kind .


Beauty and star

A little spark, into fire
Drunk in the fuel, of desire.
You and I, Mute and blind
In our deepest, darkest mind.

Inside the den, I am your prey
Devour me, and go away.
Start the flame, and burn me slowly
I'll stop the time, as you consume me.

Your heart beats fast, like heavy rain
Mizzling tears of hate and pain
Passion filled with this sensation
Deeper inside, in every motion

A pale green light, shines in your wrist
Hold my hands so I can't resist.
Every breathe, I'll hold you tight
Make me feel, that this is right.

Bring me there , where I can't be
Break the chains , that's dragging me
Just this once ,forget your burden
Set your wings and fly me to heaven

I am a demon in angel's disguise
Push me in hell, my paradise
Set the time, when we were friends
This is our fate , this is how it ends.

© 2020 Byeol


Byeol (author) from Philippines on October 02, 2020:

Thank you ❤

Mica Jan on October 01, 2020:

Elden on October 01, 2020:

Wow like mother like daughter the use of powerful words to write a poem, very expressive, I am at a lost to admire you....

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