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Beauty Without Sound


As Winter's Crystalline snowflakes all are coming down,

They spread across the landscape, without any sound.

As their only footnote, quietly do leave a carpet of white,

Our surprise in the morning, after the darkest of a night.


Snow without any color, yet so beautiful. of a majesty,

Soundless benevolence, is by Nature, to every entity.

As a warming treat, in the coldness, at this time of year,

A merry lift to each spirit, as Christmas, draws so near.


Each flake is so numbered as it lands upon the ground,

A few to flutter at first, then hundreds come falling down.

Makes scapes like in a magician's spell, before our eyes,

Soon to cover the rolling hills, every tree, to our surprise.


A stark contrast, red birds, the blue, makes our curiosity peak,

Every living creature still endures, their food, each does seek.

Brown deer still cross the meadows, to eat berries, take a rest,

Wild otters share streams, with beaver, rabbits hunger to crest.


As a fantasy in milk white, the snowflakes continue to fall,

A coating with its wintry elixir, the grasses, woodlands, all.

The precious Mother, under the Father's watch, in season,

Giving the roughened earth its smoothness, within reason.


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