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Beauty Unfolding Never Again

Time is my enemy and a Catch-22. I feel it running out along with a craving for more! Ecclesiastes asks "what's it all for?"

Getting bitter, not better; how did this happen?

Getting bitter, not better; how did this happen?

I shunned the old for getting old
A new day was every blazing day
A smoke to Shiva
Puffing off every day for the next
Now death walks with me
As surely as Saint Israfil reminds me
No more bargaining my fate
I disgust the young
I see it in their words and
Feel it in their haste
Anticipation fell into a crevasse
Memories are fading to black
In the same hole
I spread my life out like frosting
The cake was ravished still
I prayed the dhikrs without ceasing
Fifty-two weeks of incantations
Oh Allah, Mother Mary
Give me the beating heart

Not the bottomless ditch, no box
Now sounds of my songs reach
Through Phobos and onto the Ninth one
In silence.
Never to reach the center of the
Dead heart
Now only Helios beats out
The rhythm of the final prayer
Life on the run
Only for the big wait
For the new star and the
Accidental children popping in and out
Will the stranger in them
Feel familiar with what I was?
Or memories scattered and reboiled
Unconnected by the electric filaments
Playing for all eyes as nebulae?
Illusions some say
To regale these stories never thinking
That every particle will be
Rendered asunder as sure
As every star is no more
It was absurd in the beginning:
"Consciousness matters, but what for?

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