Beauty Rhymes

Updated on October 17, 2017

Beauty Shop

GINA NORRIS is a widow.
A known stylist in southside Chicago.
She had a daughter named VANESSA.
Whom she felt was under the pressure.
Under the pressure of the crime in the city.
Gina decides to take her talents to another city.
She moves to the city of Atlanta.
and enrolls her daughter Vanessa.
In a private school.
Gina also left to rule.
She went there and purchased a run-down shop.
She was looking forward to making it hot.
While putting in work she found out.
That there are legal barriers and loudmouths.
There are Older Clients with fixed habits
& an Energetic boy who likes flirting with women.
That energetic boy is named WILLIE.
Vanessa's one of the girls with whom he's flirting.
Meanwhile, here mom Gina is struggling.
She wanted Atlanta to see her ability.
But instead, they were Wary.
But It was not just her skills cause them to be.
It was her rebellious younger sister in law.
That was always in trouble with the law.
Gina offers her a job to clean up her act.
and demands that she pays her back.
Pays her back for taking her in.
For if she doesn't she'd be evicted.
Through it all, Gina earned their respect.
From her old job, she is getting clients.
But suddenly issues arise.
Gina knows that her old boss is behind.
JORGE is sabotaging her shop.
but her friend JOE helps it to stop.
Joe repaired those little issues.
While helping Vanessa play the blues.
Jorge tried various ways to shut down Gina's business.
All because of him being Jealous.
But her success, he was not able to stop.
He knew that she owned one of the best Beauty shops

Queen Latifah
Gina Norris
Golden Brooks
Keisha Night Pulliam
Alicia Sylverstone
Paige Hurd
Alfre Woodard
Lil JJ
Reagan Gomez Preston
Djimon Hounsou
Sheryl Underwood
Kevin Bacon
Sherri Shepard

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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