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Beauty Is From The Soul

I want to reach people with my poetry. I want people to realize they are more special than they really think.


Beauty Is From The Soul

I couldn't dream to see myself as a beautiful person,

I could never dream of it to be true.

After realizing the reason,

after everything I have been through.

People have called me names and spread rumors about my looks,

Made me wonder why everything was turning out like my old story books.

What is "beauty?" I would wonder,

While crying through all the pain and the thunder.

Beauty is from the soul,

that is what makes us whole.

They may say "Beauty comes from within,"

but sometimes I would think of it as a sin.

I wanted to be beautiful,

but here I will be truthful.

Beauty is something we must search within the heart,

not for someone to compliment so they can tear us apart.

Beauty is a light hidden away,

that we must search in order to say,

"I love who I am today."

© 2020 TayTayzzzs

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