Beauty In Storms

Updated on April 11, 2018

In the midst of the storms in life we all have to have faith. We cannot lose it.

— Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


Adversity before miracles in the bible is common. Before his resurrection, he was beaten. Before he raised Lazarus from the dead there was adversity. Before the Exorcism it was and many more. What many Christians hate to admit is the fact that adversity was on this earth before light. If he said let there be light there was obviously darkness. The adversity before miracles also comes in the form of storms. I think that storms are ignored and honestly, I feel it is because of pastors not preaching the full gospel. Prophesying blessings and not what will happen before they come. It’s not all the pastor's fault. It's also the people that forget to do research on blessings. As a victim, I take liberty into discussing the storms before some of the biggest miracles that happened in the bible. Along with the biggest miracles I want to discuss how I got through many of them in my own life. I am hoping to get my message to the readers by using the poetry of thyme.

Jesus Walks on Water

Jesus told the disciples to go ahead.
He chose to stay and pray to be led.
While his followers experienced high winds.
As a result, the waves were raging.
The waves started crashing the boat.
The shore was no longer seen on the boat.
The boat was far from the land.
The disciples did the best that they can.
But nothing seemed to be working.
Before Dawn, they saw Jesus coming.
Coming out there to the boat.
They thought that it was a ghost.
They were all very terrified.
Jesus calmed them and said IT IS I.
He invited them to join him.
One of them decided to join him.
But the raging winds made him regret.
But Jesus refused to let.
Refused to allow him to fall.
For his disciple he had grace.
But told him he lacked faith.
They all worshiped him after.
Witnessing the miraculous.

Departing the Sea

Moses was ordained.
He was ordained to save.
Save the Israelites.
But Pharoah guaranteed a fight.
Pharoah was their king.
Who found pleasure in them being.
Them being slaves under him.
But he had no clue what’s ahead of him.
Moses helped them all escape.
They were heading to a place.
To a place that held their promise.
But had to cross a sea to get to it.
Meanwhile, Pharoah chased them.
The Israelites knew he was after them.
They became very afraid.
They begin to yell out and say.
That Moses helped them to escape.
Just to die in the same place.
Moses told them to not be afraid.
He said that the lord will make a way.
GOD told him to move forward.
He told him his staff had the power.
He said to lift it and divide.
So the land they walk on will be dried.
Moses followed the orders.
He lifted the staff that had power.
When they all crossed.
Pharoah and his army were lost.

He is Risen

It was the first day of the week.
Two women wake up early.
To take spices they have prepared.
To the tomb but Jesus wasn’t there.
They found the stone rolled away.
First, they thought he was taken away.
By two men appearing like lightning.
Went by the women talking.
Talking of the resurrection.
The women bowed down with their faces.
The men said NO USE IN LOOKING.
He was once dead but now risen.
The women went back to their homes.
They informed others of what went on.
The others did not believe it.
Peter saw the linen and wondered what happened.
The two men that gleamed like lightning.
Were in the village discussing.
Discussing what all happened.
While Jesus appeared listening.
Hiding his Identity.
While listening to the men speak.
He later was recognized.
He disappeared right before their eyes.


When Jesus walked on water the fact that he walked on water was not the part that stood out to me. The part that stood out was the fact that he did it in the midst of a storm. When that disciple came out to join him he doubts and fell and the grace saved him but he said O YE OF LITTLE FAITH. The same happened to the Israelites. They seemed to just be tired of being enslaved and were in a position to have faith in Moses. They did at first but also began to doubt him. The part about Moses story that impressed me is the staff. Moses took his staff and divided the seas so they can cross. As I read this story I thought about the fact that a staff did it. GODs power did it. Truth is, it is GOD’s power but it may not have been in the staff. It may have been a storm. Only a storm can make those waters rise the way that it did. The resurrection was more of a challenge for me but reading it I find something in it that was a bit interesting. What stood out to me in that passage was the two men that gleamed like lightning. Whenever lightning strikes there is a storm nearby. These biblical miracles told me that storms in life come but I have to see the beauty in them.

Do you have faith in the midst of the storm?

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    © 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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