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Beautifully Lethal, A Cruel Trick Played On Those Bewitched


Emee.chan is in the mood for something dark and mysterious. And a little venomous, just a tiny bit.

A beautiful rose, at first sight...

A beautiful rose, at first sight...

Color of the darkest night, truly a sight to see, with how unusual its color is...

Color of the darkest night, truly a sight to see, with how unusual its color is...

Poisonous Black Beauty

Black roses with prickly
Poisonous thorns,
Growing like little
Devil horns.

Their color the blackest of black,
Like ink spilled all over them,
Forever turning them into a
Flower of pure darkness.

Any other flower that might
Come into contact with them
Won't stand a chance,
It'll wither away fast.

Black roses make one curious,
Enough to try to pluck at least
One of them out of the bush
They made their home.

Not even humans are exempt
From the consequences of
Touching the lethal flowers,
A cruel fate indeed.

An alluring scent they might have,
That of finest perfume,
But the scent is as equally
Deadly as their little thorns.

A work of dark arts,
Crafted beautifully,
Serving only as a disguise,
Venomous and heinous.

So steer clear if you happen to
Come across a bush full of
Inky black roses.
You'll escape your untimely demise.

But Once You Touch Or Smell It...

Your fate is sealed.

Your fate is sealed.

Beautiful and dark,

Your curiosity sparked.

Once you're caught in the magic

Black roses create,

It'll be too late.

A masterpiece of a witch,

Powerful and vicious.

A fairy tale with a wicked twist...

© 2021 Emee chan


Emee chan (author) from Belgrade, Serbia on October 08, 2021:

Curiosity is a good thing, just not always.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 07, 2021:

I've seen black roses associated with Goth.

It seems to lurk around evil.

Curiosity is certain & a bit appealing.

But definitely beware.

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