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Happiness is a pure annoyance poem. Lol. Everyones goals and pursuits are for what we believe will have us happy. Everyday we wake up go to work, go to sleep and do it all over again so we can be happy eventually. According to commercials everyone is experiencing this pure bliss but you. So this was my stomp stomp slam point of life.


Does it ever get better

Or do we sit head down bottling up our sadness

This is madness

How we try to make moves to bring happiness not up tainted

By the best smiles and yet

Our simple minded selves try to grasps every piece of happiness

Try to drink it's nectar like clean water to the thirsty

But that's what hurts thee the most is the pursuit

The also there but not there yet thing that life seems to do

That in reach but you will never get it aggravation

And we still can't come up with the conclusion

That maybe happiness is an allusion

By commercials by pictures by tv on figures on billboards on walls with pretty frame hanging up near the bathroom at every SINGLE RESTAURANT!

Who cares if anyone is happy anyway

God I'm happy like once in a blue moon and I made it some way

But you want happiness


A part of me

When I showed you the real me

And you held it in your hands

You torn it to pieces

And picked you favorite ends

Like they aren't close to kin

Like they aren't all me

But I guess it's you that has to see

Tamed maybe I can be

But what will you be losing is the beauty that's inside of me

Now listen theirs a child in me

And I'm doing my best to surround myself with well rounded

With well taught

With boss ass chick

But I can lie I'm going to miss that wild shit

That running

That smoking

That dancing

That crazy

And that's a part of me

Continuing on

speechless is about defeat. when you have fought the goof fight and still lose some how. It's hard to stay positive sometimes but Its needed. My mom always told me if you must complain. Work and complain.

Yeah I'm speechless

Yeah I'm speechless

I can't take it

I've been running never make it

I'm a predator never prey still shit never goes my way

I be fighting always loosing

I'm defeated

I'm mistreated

I'm just seeing everyone leaving me

Everybody thinks, trust and believe in me

For what I don't know

Because I'm running low

On that strength that kept me going

Kept me walking

Kept me crawling

Kept me trying

I keep crying cause my strength

It seems to be dying.

Yeah I'm speechless.

Wrapping up

I'm like badu and I'm sensitive about my art. I love this I do take criticism but this is my response to what was requested of me.

Write me a pretty poem

I can tell you that life is beautiful

That racism never existed

That justice is fair

That predators are rare

The good live forever

The evil are in jail

Hard work pays off

Unicorns exists

That everything gets better with a true loves first kisses

That the government wants what's best for all

That woman, children, disabled and elderly are protected

Their rights and needs are never neglected

That I will write you a pretty poem that will uplift your spirits

That good men are respected

Wipe it, delete it, error detected,

Bullshit, poppycock, foolishness, and rejected

These lies that I'm telling should never be accepted

Good people have good lives

That wife material becomes the wife

That marriage is life

That grandparents live forever and tell you wrong from right

That every mother love their children as equals

That fathers stay in their children's lives

Magenta why you never write pretty poems?


I write for the child in the corner beg her uncle to stop as he rips her panties and purity away like he bought it like he owes IT!

I write for the emit tills of 2019

I write for hungry that had dreams

The saviors on t shirts, milk cartons, the families dishearten

I write for hurt, the worthless, the trying to get perfect

The misfits

The elderly who don't even get a call on Christmas

The wounded

The bloody

The thirsty

It hurt me

So no, I can't write you a pretty poem that uplifts you

Don't like it that's you boo